Foshan Nanhai Xiqiao XinSheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a synthetic resin, paint, chemical manufacturing company. The total area of 20,000 square meters, located in Guangdong, a major tourism node Xiqiao Hill, Eastern Suburbs, close to Guang-speed, the West Second Ring Expressway and West, North river basins, only 30 minutes from Guangzhou by car, sea and land transportation...

Phenolic enamel
Alkyd paint
Acrylic paint
Epoxy paint
Fluorocarbon paint
Curing agent
Diluent series
Nitrocellulose enamel paint
Wooden antifouling paint
[Amino paint] - 各色氨基烘干漆
[Amino paint] - 醇酸氨基绝缘漆
[Amino paint] - 氨基烘干清漆
[Acrylic paint] - 自干型丙烯酸清漆
[Acrylic paint] - 双组份丙烯酸清漆
[Acrylic paint] - 各色自干丙烯酸磁漆
[Acrylic paint] - 各色烘干丙烯酸磁漆
[Acrylic paint] - 各色丙烯酸聚氨酯面漆
[Acrylic paint] - 各色丙烯酸地面漆(平光)
[Acrylic paint] - 各色丙烯酸地面漆(亮光)
[Acrylic paint] - 丙烯酸烘干清漆
[Acrylic paint] - 丙烯酸地面漆清漆
[Acrylic paint] - 丙烯酸地面漆封闭底漆
[Alkyd paint] - 各色醇酸磁漆
[Alkyd paint] - 醇酸红丹底漆